Kim Marks

Kim Marks

“I paint whimsy that speaks to your heart. Since my grandmother placed a paintbrush in my hand as a toddler, art has been a motivating force in my life. For each image I create, my hope is that

‘this one’ will speak to someone.” – Kim English Marks

Since 2001, this Georgia artist has built an impressive body of work. She

first marketed her paintings via in-home art parties, and soon began

participating in southeastern art shows and festivals. Kim’s refreshingly vibrant palette and contemporary flair inspired the HGTV Dream Home 2007 design team to purchase her original painting, Potted Flowers.

Painting has been an enjoyable outlet for Kim’s creative energies her entire life. She works primarily in watercolor and acrylic, adapting her techniques to match her preference for "working quickly." Florals,

roosters, chickens, hearts, landscapes and whimsical fish are her favorite subjects, along with a new-found love for contemporary compositions using a palette knife and gold leaf.