Lana Stuart

Lana Stuart

Lana has always been a creator. From the time she first learned to crochet when she was about 8 years old, she's almost constantly had something in her hands.


At various times, she has crocheted, knitted, hooked rugs, attempted acrylic and oil painting, made wall hangings, woven name it and Lana's probably tried it. But I never really kept up with any of it.


When an opportunity came up to enroll in a local watercolor class, she jumped at it. From the first stroke of brush to paper, she was enchanted. The way the colors react with the water and paper fascinates her. From the day she walked into that watercolor class until now, she hasn't stopped painting.


A year or two later, she also became interested in book binding. In addition to her watercolor work, she now creates all sorts of handmade books and journals.

You can see her work at The Art Colony or in her Etsy store at